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05-24-2013, 07:07 AM
Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
Normal STFs aren't that much more difficult, but the payout is much better.
The REAL issue isn't marks for difficulty, the problem is how much time is invested. Azure, or the vault may be extremely easy, but they can't be completed any sooner.
But here's the thing: Azure and Vault *AREN'T* extremely easy. They're actually considerably more difficult than, say, an Elite STF, which is only 6-10 minutes of faceroll, as opposed to 15 minutes. A thing which takes 15 minutes to do is clearly considerably harder than something you can blow through in 6-10.

Azure is, in fact, sadistically difficult: With an Elite STF, you cannot lose except by screwing up. A perfect performance always guarantees perfect results. With Azure, you can perform perfectly, and still fail.