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Dear Devs (I am sorry I don't know who is working on the Interface),

I do have a big plea about the Uniform Tailor. What I absolutley don't like are the preset face and hair columsn at the left and right with my character in the middle. They take away a lot of space, especially for players with smaller screens.

In my opinion, players do change uniforms more often than they change facial characteristics or the hairstyle. Whenever I am about to change the colour of uniform or want to zoom into the character, I graze at those preset models and that does disturb me. And for me, when I change a face or hair, I do it in the advanced menu.

Today I had a problem when I customized a Romulan Boff, the character stood on the right side of the screen, behind the hair presets and I had to grab and pull him into the middle. But then he started to flow again to the right side.

So please dear Devs, give us at least the possibility to minimze those two preset columsn. They take a way a lot of space.

Thank you.