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05-24-2013, 07:34 AM
I got the Ha'Apax on the Tribble server and while I love the design, I feels its lacking in turning ability not to mention is Engineering oriented hence why when I get to Sub-Admiral this time I'm going to get the Ha'Feh as its smaller and Tactical oriented, since I mainly use Escorts in STO as I prefer to dominate my enemies with speed and accuracy over being a Tank.

Though speaking of Escorts and this is off subject so I apologise, I find the fact STO has the Prometheus listed as an Escort and not a Cruiser which is is in Star Trek, surprising.

Though I can understand why they did it since the Prometheus class is for all intensive purposes geared towards combat.

But getting back to the main point about the Ha'Apax, I do love the design as it has a very natural look to it like as was mentioned in the first post, an Owl.

Though it is supposed to have a separation ability though those that have it will have to confirm this as it didn't have it on the Tribble server.