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The Empire is as strong now as it has ever been. Yet the Rihannsu escapees, led by Adama and Roslyn(Dammit! That is not what I meant to type!) I mean D'Tan and Temer are in search of a new home. Their flotilla wanders the heavens while they beg for scraps from Starfleet and run like frightened epohhs from their own Security forces. In time they will be far enough from the remnants of their colonies where the Cy-Tal Shiar will have little choice but to let them go. Then they can find the Final Five who will lead them to the Lords of Kobol and Earth. Ummm, I meant Mol'Rihan.
Ha ha. You sir deserve a prize. Wrong franchise definately, but the Romulan story arc is very D?j? vu I'll grant you. So if Sela is the Imperious Leader whos Baltar? Don't say its Tovan.