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# 140 My personal opinion
05-24-2013, 08:38 AM
I've been trying to use the Gateway for months now...

I can say that the times I succeded in logging in can be counted on one hand (human hand) only. Almost all the times I got errors like "login faild because of wrong one-time code" or just generic errors, although I kept every cookie, saved every browser, tried many tweaks, read every FAQ and a good number of forum pages listing errors like mine... I posted... no help... I realize that you have had your hands full with the LoR project, and frankly, I'm glad you did!

So, my personal opinion: as it is, the Gateway is heavily non-functional. Both for the instability, connection and compatibility problems, and for the fact that important features like, for instance, DOFF managment are missing.

I would humbly suggest to just take the service down for maintenance for the time being, and keep working on it a bit more.
I would say, just take your time! I don't mind sitting tight and letting you complete the project, or at least putting up a more stable beta. In the meanwhile I'll just keep playing the awsome expansion you just produced for us!

Thank you