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05-24-2013, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by generator88 View Post
Yeah, I actually purchased LTS six-ish months ago; I guess I just never noticed that particular Vet Reward. Thanks for pointing it out! Still, it's not weird that I could use it for a ship that would have otherwise cost 1k Zen?

That is the way the Vice Admiral (or Lieutenant General for KDFers) Token works. You can get one Z-store (Since no vice admiral ships are free) for free. on the fed side this includes the Defiant/Intrepid/Galaxy retrofits.

However, as someone mentioned, you don't get the fleet module discount for it, since you didn't actually purchase the ship. Likewise, it is a one time character unlock, so if you dismiss the free ship from the token, you don't get another one (again, unlike if you actually paid zen where you could reclaim it).