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Hey drunk, I have a build for ya that I've been working and testing on for the past 4 months. Hopefully people can find some use out of it.

Note that I didn't know Drunk had made his own Aux2Bat Galaxy until I posted this. I'm not intending to step on anyone's toes here; just offering an in-depth ship setup for this vessel.

This post is currently out of date. Please check out the STO Academy build of this ship.


There's a lot of hate towards the Cryptic Galaxy-class (the "What is your beef with the Galaxy Cryptic" thread being the most, but not exclusively, prominant example). The boff stations. The seating. The turn rate. The saucer separation. The model look (that last one is me). Generally, most people seem to be unhappy at how the Galaxy-class of this game fails to live up to its television screen counterpart, notably the USS Enterprise-D, and other Galaxy-class ships in the Dominion War.

While I can't offer a solution to some of these issues (although if you want to help make the Galaxy-class look better, comment on this thread), I can offer my build on this ship.

UPDATED! The information on this page is out of date.
UPDATED! T5-U Skill Planner build is now up here.

Also note, this is not the *best* build, but *a* build. Feel free to tweak, comment, constructively criticize in a polite manner. If you find improvements, don't hesitate to let me know, I will update this thread with your information and full credit.

stardestroyer001's Fleet Galaxy-class PVP Build

THE ROLE: If you have seen Star Trek: The Next Generation, you will see that the Enterprise-D often faces two or three ships at once (or one massive dreadnought) and is able to hold its own. Its firepower is not that effective, but it does a good job at withstanding damage. Also, if you have seen Deep Space Nine, quite frequently Galaxy-class ships serve to act as large bulls-eye ships for enemies to fire at, and quite often they do the job.

After three or four months of testing this vessel non-stop, in a variety of different PVP locations such as Ker'rat, 1v1, 2v1, 5v5 Arena, Cap and Hold, etc., I have found that this ship actually fulfills the role of large, tanky bulls-eye effectively, although the firepower is something else entirely. The Galaxy-class can also take a "side job" of healing, slow, etc.

It is a tank, first and foremost, and that's why it is great for 1v1 and Ker'rat.


Click here for the STO Academy build.

Fore Weapons: [Phaser Beam Array Mk XII [Acc]x2 [CrtH]] x2, [Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher] and [Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XII]
Deflector: [Borg Assimilated Deflector Mk XII]
Engine: [Borg Assimilated Engine Mk XII]
Shield: [Elite Fleet Covarient Shield Array Mk XII [Adapt] [ResB]] or the Resilient one with same modifiers
Aft Weapons: [Phaser Beam Array Mk XII [Acc]x2 [CrtH]] x3, [Transphasic Mine Launcher Mk XII [CrtH]x2 [CrtD]]

Engineering Consoles:
[Enhanced Neutronium Alloy Mk XI [+HullRep]] x2
[SIF Generator Mk XI] x3

Science Consoles:
[Field Generator Mk XI] x2
[Fleet Emitter Array Mk XI [HuH] [+Th]]

Tactical Consoles:
[Assimilated Module]
[Zero Point Energy Conduit]

Boff Powers:

Lt Tac: TT - APD
Cmdr Eng: EPtS - Aux2Bat - Extend Shields - RSP
Lt Cmdr Eng: EPtA - Aux2Bat - Aux2SIF
Ens Eng: ET
Lt Sci: TSS - Hazards

2x Purple Technician with the "reduce bridge officer cooldowns" trait
1x Blue Technician with the above trait
1x Warp Core Engineer with "boosts Emergency Power to Subsystem" trait for tank
1x Maintenance Engineer (blue for the cheaper version)

THE BREAKDOWN: This ship is quite the tanky ship, but like any ship in this game, it suffers from some pretty severe drawbacks.

Strengths: This ship is a tank, pure and simple. The high, often called "excessive", number of Engineering spots allows the Galaxy-class to take a side job if need be. I recommend healing on the side, using ExtSh and Aux2SIF. Despite the comments of people stating that this ship sucks at healing, it is actually not too bad, if heals are placed carefully. Do keep in mind though, as the ship is Aux2Bat based, the healing potential of this ship is far worse than any other cruiser not running Aux2Bat. More on this later.

Weaknesses: The turn rate is an issue a lot of people have with this ship. The main issue however, is the nerfing of your science abilities once you use Aux2Bat, forcing you to rely solely on Engineering abilities and Attack Pattern Delta to handle your heals and tanking abilities. Another downside is a lack of hull healing abilities, since Hazards is nerfed, Aux2SIF shares cooldown with Aux2Bat and Engineering Team shares cooldowns with Tactical Team.

Generally speaking, be sure to get your Aux2Bat timings down. Get Tactical Team and other abilities' cooldowns reduced as quickly as possible. Leave Aux2Bat at the ready, use Hazards, TSS, APD, ExtSh, and if desperate, Aux2SIF and Tactical Team on teammates when the opportunity is seen. Leave shield power at 50 and Aux at 100, or Shields at 75 and Aux at 75, to get the most out of your heals. Once you start taking fire, switch your power levels back to 100 Shields and 50 Aux, to avoid too much "slosh" with Aux2Bat.

Alternatively, and I will comment on this at the bottom of this post, you can aim for a more offensive side job. Often times, people will get frustrated when their escort gets blown up suddenly by a Galaxy-class (and us Galaxy-class captains have their android officers yell, "YES!"). I wouldn't recommend this unless you have the specific career and setup for this.

THE FLYING: I have a feeling that people who have had experience with an Aux2Bat Excelsior build will find the flying of this ship is similar to that setup, with the exception that there is no emphasis on damage output - you are doing pure tanking, with healing on the side.

Ker'rat Space War: Set up for pure tanking, unless you are bringing in a team. Make sure you have DEM instead of Aux2SIF (or something that has no shared cooldowns with Aux2Bat, for example an EWP for fun). Set shield power to 100, aux power to 50. Don't activate Tactical Team unless the shields are taking heavy hits, or an Alpha Strike is impending. Start running Aux2Bat to keep those cooldowns going. Don't be afraid to use Hazard Emitters to clear warp plasma or Plasma burns if they are eating away at either your hull or your computer's graphics speed. If you are taking severe hits (shields are fine, hull is going down quickly), switch to Turtle mode: cease Aux2Bat, hit RSP, and then focus on repairing hull, via Hazards, Engineering Team, Miracle Worker, etc., until RSP ends. Then hit Aux2Bat, get back your Tactical Team and/or Evasive to gain defense, and resume your Aux2Bat cycling.

1v1: In most cases, this type of combat is easy for you to live, unless you have a clever and well prepared opponent. Just do the same thing as in Ker'rat, but space out the activation of your heals in anticipation of a prolonged fight. Keep hull and shield heals from overlapping, space them out and watch the cooldown timers. 2v1 is the same deal, except your heals will most likely need to overlap. Eject Warp Plasma is recommended, along with Tractor Beam Mines. With Aux2Bat, you can keep a warp plasma field on your tractored opponent consistently and without a break.

5v5 Arena: Highly not recommended. Although Extend Shields, Hazards, ET, APD and TSS can be used on your teammates, there are far more effective cruisers to fly if you are aiming to heal opponents as your first priority. That being said, you are a huge bullseye that takes a long time to kill. Watch for subnucs, once those roll in, pop a RSP and switch to hull healing and tossing heals to teammates. You will break about even ground in terms of heal points in a match - far less than a dedicated healer, but more than the "tank - escort" or science vessel. However, you will no doubt piss off your teammates since you practically offer nothing of value to them - neither damage output, kills, disruptions, or team healing. My advice: This is NOT the place for this ship.

Cap and Hold: It really depends on the strategies you and your team use in a Cap and Hold match. You will fare well in 1v1 or 2v1 if your objective is to hold some enemies in an isolated area while the rest of your team captures the important command posts. 4v1 or 5v1 will not end up so well, as the problem of facing a concentrated, Premade team will quickly overwhelm you. Stick with at least one teammate that can throw a heal or two when needed. Again, not recommended, since you can't really kill enemies, and you can't offer any use to your teammates who are doing the killing.

PvE/STFs: Not recommended, since that type of combat requires damage output over tanking ability. However, due to your increased Threat generation, you will be able to live with literally no problems at all, and throw heals to your teammates. Only issue is clearing plasma, and surviving heavy torpedo attacks from Borg, just gotta brace for impact.

Other Setups:

Hull repair rate, with the Season 8 changes, is the main issue with this starship's tanking abilities. Shields will not be a problem, it is redistributing them and keeping hull from dropping too fast.

Also, and I recommend this for any healer/tanker starship in the Season 8 era: Have F2, F3, F4, and F5 (Defaults) reserved for selecting the teammates. The ability to click on the teammate ship icon is broken, and keybinds are extremely useful for doing this quickly.

McCullian's Offensive Galaxy-class Build: My friend McCullian has an alternate take on the Galaxy-class build. Using a Tactical Captain with the spec of an Engineer (there's a long story associated with that), and using DEM and a small adjustment to the console layout, he can tank with above average effectiveness in Ker'rat while dishing out some damage.

Make the following adjustments to the first build, including switching your captain to a Captain with an Engineer's spec. Note that this build is on a Fleet Galaxy.

Set: MACO XII Set, or 2pc Borg and MACO Shield; preferably all of them are XII.

Boff Powers:

Lt Tac: TT - APD
Cmdr Eng: EPtS - EPtW - DEM - RSP
Lt Cmdr Eng: EPtA - ExtSh - Aux2SIF
Ens Eng: ET
Lt Sci: TSS - Hazards

Engineering Consoles:
[Universal Console: Point Defense System], [Neutronium Alloy Mk XII], [Console - Universal - Saucer Separation], [Borg Module], and [Zero Point Energy Console]

Tactical Consoles:
[Phaser Relay] x2

1x Warp Core Engineer, "Boost to Emergency Power to Subsystem" trait
1x Tactical Team doff
1x Beam weapon ability boosting doff
1x Maintenance Engineer, the Exocomp
1x Brace for Impact doff

Your Alpha Strike: Hit these abilities, in addition to throwing 100 power into Weapons:
EPtW - DEM - TT - RSP (for your protection) - Weapons Battery - APA - GDF - FOMM
Get up close, within 1km, and hit the Point Defense button. If you have the Borg set, hit the Tractor Beam when within 1km. Just sit there and let the tiny bullets pass through the shields and tear into the hull. If your opponent is in a "Frigate" (BoP or other small ship), your Point Defense will deal more damage.

Warp Plasma build: Starboard Nacelle is one infamous user of this technique. By using EWP and Aux2Bat, a constant stream of warp plasma can be emitted from your ample nacelles, keeping them wrapped up and immobile. I don't have the specific build required to maximize this, but it is indeed possible to use this ship for this purpose. Separating the saucer can help with the turn rate necessary to use this effectively.

"The Galaxy-class was one of the largest and most powerful Federation starship classes of its time."

This ship by far is not the most ideal cruiser to be flying in Star Trek Online, simply because it can't effectively deal damage or be a good team support vessel compared to all other cruisers suited for those purposes. However, for people who are looking for a challenge, or are Enterprise-D fans such as myself, I'm hoping this build can help maximize your effectiveness in this ship.

This ship is a tank, with the added benefit of taking on a side job. It is NOT primarily a damage dealing starship, or a healer, even though it can take on those roles in a limited fashion. If you are flying this ship, stay out of teamed PvP (5v5 Arena, Cap and Hold)!

stardestroyer001, Admiral, Explorers Fury PvE/PvP Fleet | Retired PvP Player
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