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Originally Posted by thunderfoot006 View Post
Why play KDF? What a silly question. Backed up by sloppy reasoning in the OP. A better question might be, "Why play a faction other than KDF?" Let's see maybe these will convince.

- Far easier to farm dilithium as a KDF member. Feds need those rich claim thingies to even come close.

- Firepower, instead of diplomacy. Some people greatly enjoy hearing themselves speak. Me? I'd rather just shoot.

- Until LoR went live (Mind you, I am not complaining. I like the new material a lot.) I could reasonably assume the guy in the next Vor'cha over from mine knew what he was doing in an STF. Because this wasn't his first rodeo.

- Ask a Klink player a question, either here or ingame, and you get an answer you can use. Instead of, "Shut up, n00b!" Try this with a typical SpoonFed player, who is normally only ingame to collect this week's new shiny.

- No new ships in 2+ years. Yet somehow, all of the Klink designs currently available are still excellent choices in both STFs and PvP. Could it be the Captains rather than the Shinies? I like to think so.

Saved the best for last, though. Why play KDF? Because I frakkin' bloody well want to! You have the nerve to challenge my honor by saying that those green blooded homeless vagabonds are better than me? They couldn't even save their own worlds from those blasted Toasters.

Oops. Sorry. Wrong game.

The Empire is as strong now as it has ever been. Yet the Rihannsu escapees, led by Adama and Roslyn(Dammit! That is not what I meant to type!) I mean D'Tan and Temer are in search of a new home. Their flotilla wanders the heavens while they beg for scraps from Starfleet and run like frightened epohhs from their own Security forces. In time they will be far enough from the remnants of their colonies where the Cy-Tal Shiar will have little choice but to let them go. Then they can find the Final Five who will lead them to the Lords of Kobol and Earth. Ummm, I meant Mol'Rihan.
Well said, can't argue with any of it, spot on and was a good laugh with the franchise similarities.
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