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05-24-2013, 05:33 PM
Yeah here's the big problem.

There are two ways this can work. One, you refund the resources. Two, the game eats them.

Option one doesn't work. The fleet system is pretty simple. Insert X, get Fleet Credit in return, spend Fleet Credit on Y. What happens if I dump in a bunch of fleet marks, go off and buy a MK X Romulan Kit from the Embassy, and buy 40 common Duty Officers? The Fleet Credit is gone. Do my items just poof? what if I've dumped those Common DOFFS into a totally different project and all that remains of them is a number on a counter?

This isn't workable. It's a giant exploit waiting to happen.

Option 2 is pretty much a license for bad fleet owners to troll people. And it will happen. It's a video game, with a lot of people playing. It will happen. People will get screwed over, hard.

This isn't workable either. I think a system that just eats the resources works just fine in single player reputation. In fleet... it's going to cause problems. Big ones.

As long as Fleet Credit is involved, I've yet to see a workable solution to this issue.

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