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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Alyosha glanced at the other Starfleet officers in the room. "Maybe the others here would like to share their perspectives."
OOC: I'm going to change my guy's text to something lighter.
Elessedil ponders the question for a moment, and he reaches a mental stop as he nods his head and switches his eyes from XikJal to Strannik, and back again.

I agree with Captain Strannik. Exploration and research have always been the focus of Starfleet, and the Federation as a whole. Defence is only applied in times of war, or if the occasional pirate brigand comes to the outer colonies. In the sense of gaining territory, governments who wish to ally themselves with the Federation, or even become a full member of, will expand the borders of which the Federation can operate.

Looking over the last sentence, it seems that it could be inferred that the Federation integrate species into their own gov't. Eleesedil searches for the right words to keep that from happening.

O-of course, when applying as a Federation member, it's to be kept note that the original government and its laws are not superseded by the Federation's standards. The charter is more along the lines of... an extension to the local politics.