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Originally Posted by breadandcircuses View Post
The cloakers part is accurate, though the 2 min cooldown is far longer than that of a cloaking device, which rather reduces its effectiveness. You also trade a console slot to counter an ability that already has a nice list of counters. Power boost that builds as I shoot vs cloak hunter every 2 minutes... rather slot the Leech on either faction.

As far ships go, I rather hope you're right, and they do start to balance things a bit better as far as ship classes go. We'll see. At least my Federation captain has more toys to play with... I just wish the devs would balance the halves a bit further, rather than leaving them lopsided.

Oh, as a side note, I think the reason the system bugged when you quoted me is that the QUOTE part at the beginning has to be all caps.
Yeah th cd is rather long I'll give you that. Perhaps we should petition to reduce it? And possibly nadeon detonator as well.

On ships;
In all honesty I always thought the KDF having fewer ships (at leas as far as ship models goes) Made sense with their general philosiphy. You never really see them throw any weapon aside as useless, and most of their weapons are steeped in tradition.

Perhaps afew more models but I would think they would just have more refit/retrofit/overhauled/repurposed ships rather than new classes.

But thats more of a canon argument.
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