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05-25-2013, 04:05 AM
Yesterday I bought 28 Euro of Zen Points to buy things for a single character (a Lt. Commander).

Then I went to Risa, entered the system and then visited the interior of my ship.

Then, when I wanted to go back to space, loading screen stopped at 94.07 and "server not responding".

I cannot log in my character since thursday because of this. If Perfect World was trying to convince me not to pay for their game any longer they succeeded.

I'm a subscriber (13 Euro) + 28 Euro Zen = 41 Euro thrown away. And this forum is so messed up that finding a specific "work in progress" section takes too much time.

BTW I play this game since launch, with many months away, but it is not the first time i gave money to PW. But if the problem continues for too long I'll just delete the whole game from my hard drive and so long.

I don't know how much PW likes a paying customer in a f2p game that is sick of this ****.

And no, starting a new char again is not the answer. I want to play with my Lt. Commander.