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---Species: Alien Your created species has enhanced flexibility inn trait selection. You do not have any required traits - instead, you gain one additional choice of traits.

---Accurate Increases Ship Weapon Accuracy
---Astrophysicist +Starship Particle Generators, Flow Capacitors and Sensors
---Efficient Captain +Warp Core Efficiency (+All Power Levels when low power)
---Elusive Increases Defense
---Techie Increases Hull Repair (+Heal, +Regen)
---Warp Theorist +Warp Core Potential and EPS (+Subsystem Power, +Power Transfer Rate)

---Acute Senses +Perception, +Exploit Damage, +Res(Flanking)
---Aggressive Increases Damage and Threat Generation
---Cold Blooded Fire and Plasma Damage Resistance
---Covert +Stealth and Exploit Damage
---Creative +Damage on Kit Powers, +Healing on all powers
---Lucky +Critical Hit and Expose Chance
---Mental Discipline +Res(Psionic); +Res(Confuse, Placate)
---Natural Immunities Radiation and Toxic Damage Resistance
---Peak Health Toxic Damage Resist; Bonus Hitpoints
---Physical Strength Bonus Melee Damage
---Resilient Physical and Energy Damage Resistance
---Soldier Ranged Weapon Damage and Crit Severity
---Stubborn Resist Hold, Snare and Placate
---Sturdy Physical Damage Resist; Knockback Resist
---Sure Footed Knockback and Root Resist
---Telekinesis Knock Back
---Telepathy Improved Perception; Improves Expose Chance and Duration

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