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05-25-2013, 04:57 AM
Strange bug is this. First it happend with my fleet character ... after I log in selected my character and pressed play button... the game started loading BUT at 94.1 it stopped to load... "SERVER NOT RESPONDING"

Well, I wanted to delete this "game" but one of my friends convienced me to start another char... ok I sad see the romulans... So I've started it again

Few days later I have the same problem with my Romulan char. Loading stopped at 94.1...

This is a joke guys. That's ok you use my internet connection to share this "game" I understand how expensive is a fast server... Just a tip for you players: disable "Pando Media Booster" it's a torrent client which are using your IC from the backround even the game is running or don't.

I beleived WOT (World of tanks) one of the worst programmed and optimized F2P games ... but not. This "game" is with it's horrible patch system and idiot bugs

I pay lots of euros for my habbit... in different games but won't for you guys Fortunately I've tested this game before I fallen with love with it... maybe after you will fix this pile of "bugs"... maybe...