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05-25-2013, 10:33 AM
D'deridex suxx like hell. I did myself a Rom Tac. The Boff places on D'deridex cant be used with the Skills you trained your boff for using Mogai. Means for using the D'deridex you have to retrain nearly all of your Boffs. But and thats so "cool" you can buy the Captains Definat for just 80k dilithium rofl. I go 10 lvl in between 5 hours so why the hell should i spend 80k dil for that time. No way. I stay at my Mogai. Even the Rom Va ships one can get are not so usefull. I miss a Ship with a Tac Commander, Tac LT. COm and 4 Tac consoles like on fed or on kdf side. Btw as an "allie" why cant i fly the VA ship of the Fed or the KDF? I can use all other of their ship by paying them with Dilithium