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05-25-2013, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by fudgeoflife View Post
Ouch so I got to level 30 recently and got my new D'Deridex and all, and I did a mission and I noticed a HUGE drop in performance from my Mogai. So bad that im actually going back to my level 20 ship again...

Anyone else feel like this?
In a word, no.

Ultimately, you're trying to compare the Mogai and the D'Deridex - but there's a massive difference (literally, the D'Deridex is massive) between them. Firstly, the Mogai is an Escort-Warbird and the D'Deridex is a Battlecruiser. It's not meant for frontal attacks, it's meant for broadsiding. And after all, if you will insist on mounting cannons on it, you can use the cloak to get a monstrous turn speed bonus, plus the attack bonus upon decloaking.

I'm rolling in the D'Deridex retro now and I love it. But it is a cruiser, and the lack of Rom ships during level up is going to introduce players to a different style of play to what they're used to if they've been playing as a Tac before LoR. It's just a learning curve that you have to adapt to for a few levels. You can then go back to an Escort in the form of the Ha'Feh and the Dhelan, Mogai and T'Varo retrofits.

My build for the D'Deridex Retro doesn't include any RCS consoles. The Helmsman Trait is much, much more useful.
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