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05-25-2013, 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by fudgeoflife View Post
Ouch so I got to level 30 recently and got my new D'Deridex and all, and I did a mission and I noticed a HUGE drop in performance from my Mogai. So bad that im actually going back to my level 20 ship again...

Anyone else feel like this?
I went KDF with my Rom and had the Vandal Destroyer for its console. Outside of Defense of New Romulus, it absolutely kicked ass through the commander ranks. (And defense of new romulus just needs to be retuned, because the Eclaire are just overpowered)

Having the D'deribrick be the 4th tier ship was a poor choice when there are no other options. Feds can get away with 4th Tier Galaxy Class because you can just choose the Defiant. Klingons, as always, have the broadest ship variance to choose from.

If you're only going to have one ship per tier, it should really be designed with broad appeal.

Fortunately, leveling is absurdly fast in this game. I went from 40-45 in a single mirror event hour.