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05-25-2013, 11:14 AM
I applaud those whom make the D'deridex work as a broadsider, but I think they're playing it wrong. This isn't a Starfleet ship; it's a romulan battle cruiser.

I play my D'd with cannons. I engage on my terms, decloak alpha with scatter volley and have my engineering powers like emergency power to weapons and directed energy modulation help make my enemies melt. If I need to turn I have Aux2Dampeners and recloaking which will help me reposition myself. Usually though enemies die before you ever need to turn (tractor beam/repulsor might help with that too).

This isn't a federation spacewhale, stuck maneuvering always with a low turnrate. Between fights, you can easily cloak and maneuver around with ease (which, quality of life-wise, is huge). The D'd works - you just need to think about how to best use it.
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