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05-25-2013, 11:42 AM
few question how is this game compared to world of war craft? is it really worth investing into this game. from what i seen you got to pay for the keys to unlock certian boxes what is that. I play world of war craft for about 15.00 a month everything is free once you sign up for membership. i may be getting the wrong impreesion of this game howevr it looks like to me it is all about the money pay for everything as you go. exend this fopr that much exted for this much oh you got to pay for that and this. seems like it can wind up being very costly at the end. I may be all wrong about it. can you tell me more about the gameing i like to keep an open mind. is this game really worth it to play meaning is it more of a pitch a penny game every time you turn around you got to keep adding money. The game sounds like fun but will it make me broke at the end what i pay on wow. is to me worth it. and i would like to think this game would be worth it as well. I am a big fan of startrek I watched every startrek voyager and deep space nine and the next generation plus all the older startrek. the shows were great. I sure hope the game is too.