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05-25-2013, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
i'd be interested what the metrics say more so than what people say.

anybody who has a little bit of know how about the game will avoid it like plasma fire.

but there are plenty of noobs who may fall for the trap.

so the question really is, was more dilithium spend on it while it was priced lower, or now that it is priced as ridiculous as it is?

and i'd like to know if Cryptics metrics are event that precise to be able to tell how often people do that upgrinding stuff anyway.

I don't disagree that it was too cheap before, but they overcompensated as usual and now it is not worth it at all.

Says the dude who made the Doff Sheet and has bought 4000 DOff slots.
Indeed, they overshot things and made it ridiculous that veteran players avoided it, like what they did with Crafting.

And with LoR, there is no need to depend on that when Romulan players can access not only the Romulan DOFF Recruiting, but their ally's as well. So Cryptic themselves made it unncessary to spend the Dilithum for a 5-DOFF pack.

Which leaves us back to the intial problem, DOFF storage to do Starbase and Embassy Projects. We got all these DOFFs and we need a place to put them without depending on players using their 400 DOFF slots (which I'm betting was not the intention by the Cryptic team when the DOFF systemw as originally implemented).