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05-25-2013, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by bootyboots View Post
EDIT: the attachment limit is intentional
Cryptic's solution to our #1 use for the mailbox 'storing unbalanced doffs" is to buy more slots
Again, Cryptic you are killing fleets. A healthy fleet cannot maintain the unbalanced doff requirements without producing excess 'worthless' doffs, and players cannot afford to trash those doffs (valued at 22.5k ea. ~17k more than market; value derived from 1 fleet credit costing 75ec).
Fix the doff imbalance, today, not 'sometime in June, maybe' or remove the limit on the mailbox. Personally I prefer the doff imbalance being addressed like we asked for for months.

please move this post to a proper forum location as I could not find one that fit well

a 100-attachment limit was quietly added

please remove it. Having the limit wont make me buy bank slots or increase my doff roster. it will make me flood the exchange with useless crap (i.e. common science doffs) for several months to indefinitely
With a currently broken mail system where exchange mails pile up, cannot be deleted and where some of the expired messages do not return the item which had been up for sale and since expired, in my humblest of new player opinions, this is becoming a critical failing that requires attention soon!