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With perfect timing, Vice Admiral Remus Lee beamed down to continue the conversation between Strannik, Elessedil, and XikJal.

"What my esteemed colleagues have said is correct. Those who join the Federation do so of their own volition; even then, it takes a grueling process before a potential applicant can join the Federation, or even Starfleet," he said.

Lee signals for a case of Trixian bubble juice to be beamed back to his ship before leaning at the bar next to Captain Iori. He took a swig of bubble juice before continuing.

"Not that to say the Federation is perfect or Starfleet is infallible. Our commitment to mutual cooperation is seen as weakness in the eyes of many of the species that border the Federation, while other galactic powers see the Federation as an obstacle in consolidating their own ambitions at the costs of anyone caught in the crossfire. The actions that Starfleet officers take in the service of the Federation are bound by the Prime Directive, but even if we bend it in the course of a mission, we make sure that the safety of Federation citizens is as paramount as our commitment to broaden our horizons. If you want to learn more, I can tell you more about combating Federation enemies later," he added.

Finishing his bottle, Lee switches out the surveillance device he left behind for a new one before beaming out with the rest of the bubble juice stocks.

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