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*Danos Minor, Delta Quadrant. The R.S.S. Hood and R.S.S. Churchill are holding near the Pegasus Portal. There's also a long line of Freighters and construction ships.*

Republic Command *Over comm*: R.S.S. Hood, this is Republic Command. Project: Pegasus is go.

*The convoy pass through the anomaly while 4 construction ships stay behind, one releasing a Fold-Space jump beacon and the others begin assembly of a Stabiliser Gate (it sends a constant neutrino stream into the portal to keep it stable).

Pegasus Galaxy. The Convoy emerges from the portal, 3 Construction ships breaking off to assemble a Stabiliser on this end. Another ship drops a beacon as the rest of the convoy begin surveying a nearby Class-M planet.*

R.S.S. Hood: Hood to Republic Command, we have arrived at "Beach head". Project: Pegasus is underway.

*OOC: We're talking about a massive Galactic exploration. This is gonna take years before Pegasus becomes a major point of interest. I've already planned to make it the heart of my next character after my endgame. It's really gonna jump out of the shadows. *

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