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11-30-2009, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by Vazuras View Post
I like the read. I will have to say though my jealousy bar is rising a little. Oh how I would sign the NDA with blood. That’s ok…though I can still wait for the game to come out. I have been and will continue to look forward to playing the game. I can only pray the game keeps its quality and never subjects it’s self to quantity (The average player). I am still wondering if there will be a lifetime sub to STO…I am still pending whether to get it…but if I keep seeing great review like this…I will say yes…lifetime sub for STO.
I am thinking that there is a pretty good chance of a lifetime subscription being a very real possibility for Star Trek Online since Cryptic Studios also offered one for Champions Online. I do wish that there would be some clarification soon on whether or not something like this would be offered (to plan my budget accordingly) but either way I'll definitely be signing up for one if they are available.