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# 1 New Trait System Help Please!
05-25-2013, 08:23 PM
Okies, so, despite all the problems I've read about for the past week, I'm trying to acclimate to all the new changes as smoothly as possible. In that spirit, I actually ventured to log in this evening, for the the first time since the launch of LOR. Please bear in mind that I have fastidiously read about most of the upcoming LOR changes for the past few weeks and months, both here on the forums and via the dev blogs. Yet, I'm still at a loss here and would greatly appreciate some help before I commit myself to going forward.

First thing I got hit with was pseudo-Majel Barret/Enterprise Computer voice asking me about new traits. And I'm utterly befuddled as to what to do next, in order to properly transition my gaming experience from what was to what is now.

I'm a lvl 50/Vice Admiral Tactical Officer, who flys a C-Store Armitage. My pre-LOR traits were Accurate, Lucky, Leadership and Teamwork.

I've noted that Accurate and Lucky are still there. Yet, pseudo-Majel and the trait menu she brought up is prompting me to add additional traits. And I'm not at all sure what I should choose, especially given that Leadership and Teamwork no longer seem to be options.

So, I ask ya all, what traits would be best to choose to get as close to my gaming experience before all the LOR changes??? Your help would be greatly appreciated!
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