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05-25-2013, 08:42 PM
Ok... Well the first thing is that you can now have a lot more traits. You have an innate trait and the ones you say you currently have. If you see Elusive on your list I would nail that instantly.

I would grab Crippling Fire to further reduce the enemy's ability to hit you but Last Ditch Efforts is one you should only get if you honestly use Go Down Fighting very often (keep in mind that you need to be at 50% or lower Hull to use GDF these days).

For a ground trait do not forget to grab Strike Team Specialist.

As for the other traits you may have hit the "Details" button on them and take a look. See which traits would best suit your needs. Obviously if they give buffs to things you do not use then they do not help. You may well be able to skill into a few more ground based things now.