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I was waiting for U8 to see if they would add the Warp Theorist trait to Caitian before making a Fed Engi, so made a Caitian a bit ago and got dissapointed after logging in..
Why are there still just bogus traits?.. If you compare it to other Romulan/Fed classes, Caitian seems to be nerfed with the amount of traits.

Personally I do more space and so want more space traits, and that does mean "U.S.E.F.U.L.L." traits..
*Pokes nubby Cryptic guys* Can you guys fix it?.. There exists something called "SPACE", not everyone is a ground lover.

Oh, and for people wanting to post a reply, please don't bother to post things like "Caitian is good for ground as they can jump high and knock other down" as I've already read that 20 times and don't care to read more of it..