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05-25-2013, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
I've got to say that Respect the Paw one looks sweet..maybe black pad with white text instead and a thins white ring around the fleet patch.

I've been watching this thread for quite a few weeks now and am contemplating making a ferasan...this fleet looks like it has alot of fun times.
*uses Ferasan telepathic powers*

Do it, do it, join us!

Seriously though (shameless fleet plugin) the FSF is a very nice fleet. I dare say that it's the nicest fleet I have been in for a long time! You'll find a couple of us on most of the time and the fleet chat has cat lovers from Fed too (and other animal lovers too, we got a fox and a werewolf with us)

Just watch out for our resident werewolf has lots of fleas and our resident fox tends to eat everyone...

*provokes response from shadow and kyubi-san*
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