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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Klingons win melee hands down. The "Honorable Warrior" required trait gives them +15% melee and + 15% critical severety, physical strength gives them +15% more melee, aggressive for +5% more melee, acute senses + covert traits for 20% more exploit damage, and lucky for critical hit chance. If you throw in advanced fleet armor you can get another 20% more melee damage. Toss in 3 purple security duty officers for critical hit chance and severety for a grand total of +55% melee damage, +20% exploit damage, +27% critical hit chance, and +115% critical severety. And that is without adding a few other things I can think of if your character is a tactical officer. Gorn characters don't come anywhere close to the amount of damage a klingon can do with melee.
True, thanks, although anyone can get the armor, and the percentages only make a 7-8 damage diffrence.

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