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12-01-2009, 01:06 AM
Originally Posted by Trekkie View Post
I am thinking that there is a pretty good chance of a lifetime subscription being a very real possibility for Star Trek Online since Cryptic Studios also offered one for Champions Online. I do wish that there would be some clarification soon on whether or not something like this would be offered (to plan my budget accordingly) but either way I'll definitely be signing up for one if they are available.

The only reason CO had a lifetime/6 mos, was to make money for STO. Cryptic would be fools to offer such a deal for this game, cause in the end they would lose money. No there won't be a lifetime sub. maybe
6mos, but not a lifetime.
On another note, the article was great! not the same 'Ole sorta rhetoric in so many past articles!
I have learned alot and now know exactly what sorta science archetype I'll be going for!
Thnx for the "NEW" INFO!!!!!