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05-26-2013, 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by ehlim View Post
This quote is from the release note for LoR recently published.
Reading this it looks like the design decision was to put Shoulder Camera in default and not changeble, meaning that players supposedly hated changing to first-person (...?).

Personally, I loved having the option to choose whenever I needed one or the other, and I too would have liked to see a line stating "fixed a bug where the option to enable or disable shoulder camera wouldn't save, reverting to default"

Thank you.
Ya know, the way they worded that in the changelog, makes it sound like it was the shoulder-cam view that was depreciated and removed. Not the behind-the-head/first-person view that was depreciated and removed.

When you remove an option to enable a feature, that means you no longer have that feature. In this case, the shoulder-cam feature.

When I first read it in the changelog, my first thought was "Yay! No more shoulder-cam!"... then I got into game and beamed down to the academy, to my horror at finding out the reality.

-- Smoov