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05-26-2013, 01:31 AM
Originally Posted by jlg73 View Post
Yes but it has horrible clipping making it only usable with handful of tops at best. So please add some more options or give bunasa death!
Ya death doesnt sound so bad at 130 am....


fix our existing skirts ....and get us romulans some skirts to wear!

not the 1 half skirt dress that doesnt look right with any pair of crap boots we get or jacket tops nor the TOS skirt that has horrid clipping issues with anything and still doesnt match really anything either....

I mean if you take the time to design it why not put it ingame....choose ally screen clearly shows the fed ally in a fed allied jacket with MATCHING SKIRT and the kdf ally shows the kdf allied jacket and fingerless gloves...they got the gloves...wheres my skirt tho?

get the fed allied skirt ingame...whip up some other skirt that either side can use that looks decent with at least a few tops...and give us a pair of nice skin tight boots that dont make me look like im going fly fishing (all the boot options currently available)

And once again as a side note...why was the off duty and formal tabs removed for the romulans? we had it on test and i was able to make some decent looks with the merc stuff and robes...we rommies arent even allowed robes unless we have the tier 3 embassy robes...which im pretty sure...we cant use. food replicator rations for some damn SKIRTS