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05-26-2013, 07:24 AM
I spent MANY months trying desperately to make my engineer competitive in pvp. Fed engineer is even worse though. I tried to borg set, maco set, romulan set, omega set. Antiproton, phasers, tetryon, cannons, beam boat, Dual beams. There isn't anything as far as I know that I haven't tried. I am not the greatest player, but I do know what I am doing, which makes it frustrating.

I finally had settled on dual beams, especially after LoR. The RCS, EPtX, SIT, and trait changes really did make it a lot of fun. I do dual a lot, as a means of testing how effective X build is. I always dual my same friend in his defiant as a baseline, and after the leadership change as well, the dual was a lot more fun. It was still a stand off of course, but I actually was hurting him to the point where he had to actually, you know, maneuver.

So I decided to go back to my tac who I haven't played in 6 months and do the same build with her, Fleet Excelsior with dual beams and turrets (no rep though as I never ran them with her) and nothing but an Aegis set.

Holy crap, what a difference. The amount of self tanking I lost was hardly comparable to the amount of damage I gained. He blew up quite hand-idly.

However, I will say that the new Engineer traits are a HUGE improvement towards the class. EPtW1-3 are actually quite potent now and I imagine if I played around with it a bit more I could make a very promising Eng cruiser damage dealer. But it will never compare to the damage output of a tac in the same cruiser, nor should it really. Efleet needs to be improved a lot, EPS is kind of redundant now with all the power bonuses/warp core stuff we have now (it DOES help you go overcap, but perhaps letting any system go overcap would make it worth it?). NI is still good, but its kinda BS that the Bogai has a mini version of it.

I don't know. Making the Eng tank focus is fine and dandy. Giving them more damage is not the answer. Making them more team friendly is what they need.

Like others have suggested, allow MW to be castable on others and clear SNB. Or something I would like is for Extend Shields to actually extend your current shield strength. So throwing up RSF and then extend shields would be quite potent. That might be a touch on the crazy side though, plus would require a re-tool of the skill, which we all know cryptic doesn't like to spend time on.

If you are going to have a class that is tank focused, give tank focus some purpose in the game. When ever I Q up for PvP with my eng, people are either good enough to keep themselves alive so therefore I am not needed, or they suck something awful and blow up in 2 seconds which then again, I am unnecessary.