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05-26-2013, 08:27 AM
I couldnt agree more with the OP. The Fed interiors look quite dated by now although the new textures do make it look somewhat better.
The old layout is limited enough as it is but it could use a bit of an upgrade as well. In some missions there is a conference room that belongs to your ship. It looks quite good and should have been part of all bridge sets from the beginning imho.
Fed interiors still look overly huge and the lcars textures look boring especialy when compared to the new romulan stuff.
I know it will take some time but i real hope well get on par interios for Feds and KDF at some point and hopefully with a little more functionality as well.
There are so many things you could do on your ship. From first contact and diplomatic meetings to fixing/improving your engines , deflectors etc if only for a time limited buff.
New equipment could have a mision atached where you have to install and align it to work relaibly.

Or you could look for spies or a virus in the computer or just the odd malfunction that needs to be traked down.
Or how about defending it from a boarding party as part of a pve / pvp mission.

So many possibilities for daily missions, minigames etc.

Not to mentions some ships would bprobably sell way better if they had some kind of unique interior.
Cruisers ftw!