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It had been three years...

Three years of struggling.

Three years of the pain and the nightmares, three years since she became one with the elements, three years since he had been taken into the darkness that would become all that he knew. Each breath pulling him closer to this moment, each moment of consciousness agonizingly reminding him of what was taken. Vengeance would be his.

For years he was Vrel T'Sod, husband, father, scientist, Romulan. He studied anomalies under the remnants of the once proud Romulan Star Empire, he made an honest living for his love and his life, his wife and son aboard one of the few war birds re-purposed for scientific exploration. Life had been good to him up until they found the Iconian Device floating adrift in an asteroid belt. He'd been on the team assigned to study it, but it wasn't long until every thing he knew was ripped from him.

It was during one of the late shift that they came, weapons blazing corridors taking who they wanted, disintegrating every one else. There was no warning, no alerts, no hint that anything was wrong until the screaming started. Vrel had been in the lab with the rest of the team trying to unlock the device's coding to even begin to try and understand its function when it began. Even as the realization sunk in that they were under attack there was no sign of anything happening, no lights flickering, no shaking from torpedo hits, nothing. Nothing but the terrified yells of his fellow crewmen. He turned with a panicked look to his superior officer who simply said "Go".

He ran to the door as fast as he could and sealed it behind him starting an encryption program for the lock as he took off down the hall towards his quarters. He had been the only member of the study team with family aboard the ship, the others were fully capable of holding the Lab if need be, the Sub Commander knew it would have been a waste to order him to stay. At least that's what he told himself to keep from thinking the worst as he ran towards his family. There were visible blast marks along the walls and floor from grenades as he ran,eachone driving him faster. As he reached their quarters Vrel felt a relief as the hall way was clear of any signs of combat or explosion.

He entered the security code and as the door slide open he was suddenly blasted by a sudden strike that sent him into the wall directly across from the door. There before him was a Borg Drone standing in the door way, maybe freshly assimilated as he could still recognize the uniform underneath as Tal Shiar. Then the drone smiled and he realized... Tal Shiar. He ship hadn't been under attack from the Borg but the Empire itself. He'd heard that the Federation had successfully undone assimilation, was this the Tal Shiars attempt, this half man half machine before him? It stepped aside and Vrel could see his wifein tears, holding his motionless son in one arm as she began to reach for him with her other hand. He was pretty sure that half of his ribs had been broken by the impact, but he leapt to his feet anyway making for his wife.

There was a green flash as he reached for her, his face showed the shock of the blast before his mind even registered what happened. A tear streaked down his face as he held her hand as it slowly turned to ash in his, both her and his lifeless child disappearing slowly before his eyes. The blinding pain in his hand meant nothing as her flesh seared against his, the pain in his ribs was drowned out by that of his heart as she tried to tell him "I love you" one last time, but there were no longer lungs to help produce her beautiful voice. He dropped to his knees suddenly numbed and reached for the wall where she was sitting. They hadn't been grenade burns after all but the only remains of crew and their families as the Tal Shiar worked its way presumably to the lab for the Iconian artifact.

He turned and jumped at the man who murdered his family only to be knocked unconscious instantly by the agent who had been behind him just waiting to strike. He wouldn't regain consciousness for what seemed like days. He'd spent months being interrogated, being forced to continue the research on the device, and being tortured for no reason at the hands of the very people he was supposed to be working for. And once the research had been finished and their usefulness was at an end a man stepped forward and found a new use. The were to be re-purposed into test subjects for his own personal experiments. The man was known only as Hakeev.

The senior officers were the first to disappear from their cells. Vrel couldn't tell if he were on a station, ship, or planet, there was no sensation of movement but the clear hum of a Singularity Core. Every so many days another scientist was removed from their cell never to return, and when there were only two others left Vrel, mostly out of fear and desperation took the way out he could find. An escape that wouldn't last sadly as he woke up in sick bay... No, not sick bay... He was on a bed surrounded by numerous surgical tools, many of which he couldn't recognize, but this was no medical facility, it was a laboratory, and there above him stood Hakeev with an almost proud look on his face.

"I almost though we'd lost you. I'd actually bet the lieutenant that we'd lost Subject 817-A. It looks like I owe him an osol twist. Don't worry though, your little stunt bought you enough time for me to perfect my technique on your colleagues so you'll make it out of this with as little disfigurement as possible. I apologize in advance however," Hakeev smirked underneath the surgical mask "the Borg do not use anesthetics."

He had blacked out during the operation and came to in what he could only assume was a Borg alcove surrounded by what was left of his crewmen and a few other prisoners, most of which had been partially assimilated. While not fully Drones, they'd had their limbs replaced with Borg technology, some showing implants poorly adapted surgically, and most scarred beyond recognition. As his own optical implant scanned the others there was a definite improvement to the work until you got to the crew from his ship. By the last two he'd seen, the implant was indistinguishable from what he'd seen in the reports. He wasn't there long how ever as the station was taken by Starfleet shortly after.

After being rescued by a ship called the U.S.S. Geist Vrel and a few others were lucky enough to have most of the implants removed. While many of his own weren't able to be taken out, Vrel was able to return to his previous appearance. Most of the subjects were stuck looking like the monsters Hakeev had turned them into with his experiments into assimilation. He underwent Physical Therapy from a perky young nurse, maybe a Betazoid, as the Geist took him and the others to a colony in the Tau Dewa sector. The implants were something to get used to as was a lot of the information they fed straight into his brain something he was able to make use of as he adapted to life in the colony doing what ever odd jobs he could. Jobs like studying the wildlife or helping convert old ships into needed water purification systems and such.

Just as it seemed he had found what was left of his Romulan self, just as he was starting to make new friends and a place for himself it was all ripped away again as the colony was attacked. He managed to escape in a shuttle and get to separatist group: The Romulan Republic, led by a man named D'Tan, one of Spocks unificationists. D'Tan himself was a man of peace but he'd heard Vrel T'Sod's story from some of the other refugees and he saw the chance for a broken man to redeem himself. Commander T'Sod however saw a chance for something else... Revenge. It wasn't until he spoke to D'Tan himself that he was given a purpose, a reason to go on, a chance to get what he wanted most and to that end he would do what was asked going where he was needed gathering information along the way.

Each investigation, each mission, each Tal Shiar ship taken was another piece to a puzzle, a puzzle Vrel T'Sod obsessed over secretly, confiding in only his senior staff and D'Tan himself. For two years he'd done every thing asked of him, for two years he'd been D'Tan's lapdog until he finally found the first link in what was going to be a very long chain. D'Merik, Commander of the Tal Shiar War bird Lshian would be making a raid on another colony. What was once a rare occurrence of a colony disappearing, ghost stories if anything, became a full scale attack on the Romulan people where fleets of unknown origin were being led by the Tal Shiar to colonies then wiped from existence. D'Merik was only one man of one ship, the captain of a battle cruiser that had been built out of adapted Borg technology, but more importantly he was the man that took his family.

Over the course of his work for the Romulan Republic he'd learned of a Tal Shiar Commander, one who had been a willing test subject to adapt Borg technology for use in rebuilding the once might Romulan Star Empire. It wasn't until he'd found a visual record of him that Vrel had found his first step of a darker path. He'd been honest with his crew and senior staff and they were behind him. With the largest fleet D'Tan was able to provide, they ambushed the Lshian as it was attempting to take another colony. The battle itself had been hard and there were heavy casualties on both sides. In the fray Commander T'Sod was able to take the Lshian in low atmosphere beaming over his entire crew before his own ship had fell to the ground leaving a massive crater. As the crew took the ship deck by deck gave the order over the ship wide comm that D'Merik was his and his alone.

To say followed would be an understatement, tracked would be an injustice. No, Vrel hunted D'Merik down like an animal, like hell itself had opened with the sole need to end just one life. The battle raged around them and neither man seemed to notice as they fought, eventually ending up in engineering the battered and beaten Vrel kept coming. D'Merik had every advantage yet he couldn't beat this one man as he went for the warp core were he would use the singularity inside to destroy the whole ship and stop this demon chasing him. He didn't make it how ever. As he reached the console and reached out he was stopped by the sharp pain of a jagged piece of metal in his back. Vrel had used shrapnel from a nearby console to incapacitate the half assimilated monstrosity before him.

It would never know how much he hated it, it would never know just to what depths Vrel hated it, but he would bring it as close to understanding as he possibly could before making it one with the elements. T'Sod could see the confusion in it's eyes, the fear. The only thing that would could keep him sane was to negate it to the monster that it was, the animal that acted on orders of it's master Hakeev, a simple beast that couldn't be left to roam free.

"I SURRENDER!!!" it yelled as it crawled away from the console.

"Not interested..." Vrel said coldly, his eyes never leaving those of his prey.

"But you're working with the Federation-"

"A means to an end..."

"But you-"

"Your end..."

It whimpered and struggled to push away.

"You can't do this... We're trying to rebuild an empire, we've sacrificed so much. We march under the Raptors Wings for the Legacy of Romulus."

Vrel unholstered one of his Plasma pistols and shot D'Merik in his thigh, not enough power to do too much damage, but enough to burn a large portion of the leg.

It howled in pain.

"Why are you doing this? What did I do to you?"

Vrel placed another shot into D'merik's shoulder causing it to go limp and useless. He then grabbed the pitiful creature and tossed him against the railing of the Singularity Engine. D'Merik had to use all the strength left in his good arm and leg just to keep from falling either down or over. As it balanced itself Vrel hit it as hard as he could with the hand guard of his pistol breaking both it and D'Merik's jaw. He pulled off his glove and held up his hand which still showed the scars of a smaller hand burned into it. Immediately D'Merik's eyes widened and Vrel saw the understanding there in the shear terror.

It had been three years...

Three years of struggling.

Three years of the pain and the nightmares, three years she since she became one with the elements, three years since he had been taken into the darkness that would become all that he knew. Each breath pulling him closer to this moment, each moment of consciousness agonizingly reminding him of what was taken.

Vrel removed a small vial from his belt and opened it dousing D'Merik. Neither man said a word, not a single noise aside from the hum of the engines. Neither man even moved a muscle, not even blinking as their eyes remained locked. Everything going in slow motion as it seemed the earth beneath them moved, stuck in the intensity of the moment rather than the battle outside. Vrel fired a single shot into the torso igniting the other man who burned green Vrel leaned back and opened the hatch to the Core Ejection system. He fired once more, a low intensity burst into the face the man who murdered his wife and child, sending him over the railing, still aflame, still alive and conscious as he fell thousands of kilometers to his death burning the whole way down.

He collapsed against the console in pain, closing the hatch as he tried to stand. The ship was his now, and with it he would find the man responsible for his agony. He would find every link in this chain of vengeance and use it to end the man. Nothing would stand in his way and the galaxy itself would burn if it stood in his way and D'Merik was only the first step.

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