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05-26-2013, 10:24 AM
Here are my suggestions.

Short Term
  • let Dreadnoughts spawn in Foundry missions
add the possibility to vessels to destroy or dammage the warp core of an enemy (warp core breaching included)
  • add the possibility to raise the shields of your vessel if you need them but not if you are not under attack

    Mid Term
    • make the ship bridges more cannon (regarding coulor schemes, bridge stations,etc.)
    add the possibility for the Long Range Science Vessel to execute the landing procedure like the Intrepid Class
    • enable authors of foundry missions to use eg the Intrepid Class Bridge if the player beams on an Intreprid Class Vessel

      Long Term
    enable authors of the foundry to create more realistic maps (eg. if the player?s vessel approaches a planet or a sun, the vessel is faced with radiation, nebulas which dammage a vessel or taking some of their systems offline and therefore appropriate measures to prevent your vessel from being dammaged or even destroyed)
add the Delta Quadrant; missions (especially explore missions) and races like Kazon, etc...included
[list]add the possibility to launch and to control your shuttle (if you have one) while playing your "main" vessel (shuttle hangar open and close)

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