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As the conversation went on, another figure entered the room. The newcomer was a male of medium height and build, with blue-grey skin and a hairless skull. The uppermost portion of his head was lined with numerous smoothe, vertical depressions, and a pair of bony ridges ran across either side of his head just above his long, flat ears. His blue-green eyes had a distinctive silver tinge to them, and he wore the black-and-ochre uniform of the Starfleet Engineer's corps and a captain's pips.

Arkos Nair noticed the brewing conversation as he walked into the Captain's lounge-- a Human Vice Admiral and a Captain were having a scintillating discussion with some sort of omnipedal cyberreptilian. He figured he would leave the diplomatic discussion to more experienced hands as he headed over to the bar. Right now, he just wanted to forget about his troubles over a glass of something suitably alcoholic and mind-numbing.

"Saurian brandy, with ice," he ordered.

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