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05-26-2013, 05:07 PM
Has there been any acknowledgement on these forums about this bug/feature beyond a vague twitter post? Not being able to delete/access mail is a dramatic short term bug, but the pathetic dofiing/selling limit of 100 total attachments is more critical in the long term.

We need recognition that this is an issue that will be addressed through another mechanism or a raising of the limit to something such as 1000 or at minimum 500. Also seperating out each characters mail rather than having it account based would limit the impact. But having 5 or 6 characters with only 100 attachments simply isn't feasible if your do any kind of doffing or selling items without crippling mails ability to deliver items and messages. It destroys many other areas of the game in terms of fleet communications, starbase/embassy construction, and exchange management just by this one simple undisclosed change. If we would have know about it, we could have alerted this issue to try and make adjustments long before it went live.