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05-26-2013, 08:00 PM
Oh something happens to me the Recruiter officer for once!

[quote][/QUOTE// begin encryption - level raenasa ...
// encryption complete

TO: All Commands
FM: Commander tr'Lhaihtrha
RE: Joint Task Force Theirr


I have had the privilege of meeting several of you in the few days, but for those who I have not had the opportunity to meet, I am Riov (Commander) Khaiell i-Mhiessan tr'Lhaihtrha and I command this new venture alongside my Starfleet counterpart, Captain Rhys Llywarch.

I want you to know that our mission is vital to the security of the Republic and the future of our people, and that the decision to cooperate with the Federation in this way was not made lightly or without great reluctance. Many in the Republic see the Federation as our only hope for stability and the rebirth of our society. Others disagree. But what is important is that we have trust in our leadership that the orders we receive further the causes of our people.

The transition process has begun now that command has authorized operations. Our headquarters are at the Federation embassy in the capital--a decision intended to force cooperation between our unit and Starfleet. While I find the situation troublesome, it is not altogether disagreeable. Several of us have had an opportunity to visit the facilities and engage with Starfleet personnel. To that effect, I caution you to avoid situations that might compromise your mnhei'sahe and to avoid engaging in any unnecessary fraternization. Beyond that, I encourage you all to meet with our Starfleet counterparts.

Mission specifics will be coming down the line soon, but in the meantime, all commands are ordered to report to mol'Rihan Command for warbird inspection and outfitting. Meanwhile, the tailor has patterns for your replicators for uniforms so that you may prepare your crew.

We will be in contact soon.

Dignair daendle'le.

CMDR Khaiell tr'Lhaihtrha
transmitted onboard RRW lleifven

// close encryption ...
// complete