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05-27-2013, 12:39 AM
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the t'varo is able to rapidly respond to problems, has the dps with dhc, dc and turret build and is small enough and very agile that most stuff can miss it especially with elusive trait and skills to higher defense values. love the destabilized heavy plasma torpedo it's easily one of the more interesting things that can be fired off into a mob with the enhanced battle cloak. and before it hits its target you can swing around and do several hard scatter volleys and various buffs. bye bye mob .
The T'Varo is just a Defiant with EBC, something that Feds have been agitating for for years. Right now on the PvP threads, the Feds are QQ'ing because now, they have to face it in the FvF ques.

Let us NOT follow their example.
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