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Originally Posted by phlash4 View Post
With all the wars that are happening lately, Klingons verses Federation, Tal Shiar vs Romulan Republic and Borg verses...well, everything else, my question is...why can't we all just get along?


p.s. If I am Federation and have a scary looking ship like a Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser will I get shot down by mistake?

They did try for peace, but the movies didnt sell as well, so they contacted the Ferengi trade union and formed a plan..."War is good for buisness" They all agreed and tried it out, the box office tickets, lockbox ships and new reputation gear went over very well, and now all the races have decided to keep the war so they can live the good life, everyone is buying thier products now. So if you think about it, in thier own way they do get along...except for the Borg, they are still mad that they didn't get thier own ground set yet as they where here long before the Tholians where added. The others tried to console them that the armor and kits do make Federation players look like wired up cyborgs, but I don't think they are buying it.

P.S. Answer: I think being in a specialty ship, getting shot down will never be an accident. Infact I found your bounty poster all over Karrat. ^^

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