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Originally Posted by crabbycabby View Post
Do my captain's skills apply to / modify my BOFF's abilities?

For example: If I have skills that improve my weapons accuracy does it also improve my BOFF's weapon accuracy?

Which is better: to nap in the sunlight or on my humans lap?
As far as I can tell, your bridge officers ground abilities are only what you rank them up to be when training them. They have thier own personal abilities, some can be changed by a bridge officer trainer. You can click on one and see thier personal stats and passives. You can also scroll your pointer over your toons or BoFFs weapons and gear to see the calculated resultes of some bonuses, like criticals. But the only place I can find where YOUR toons skills affect your bridge officers abilities is in space. You can even select one of thier abilities in the bar above to see what you need to add to enhance thier abilities better. But don't feel bad, the sidekick/s can't be better then the hero.

Whick is better quote: when sleep times comes about any comfortable place is good, but sleeping on your human assures you know where they are at, should hunger or the need for a hug arrise. =^.^=
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