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05-27-2013, 05:59 AM
I picked the KDF. As people mentioned above, the FED side seems to "fit" better for the RR aims/goals in the story & in the short term, however, in the grand scheme of things I believe the mindset of the KDF ultimately fits in with what the Romulans, who as a race have proven themselves to be Empire builders in the past.

Sure, the Tal Shiar & the Romulan Star Empire are the bad guys in the story, but once they are ultimately defeated & the new Romulan Republic gets up and running & starts to build up a legitimate powerbase, I believe it will eventually return to the Romulan way of expansion & I just don't see the Romulans, even Republic Romulans, playing all nicey-nicey forever. Don't believe that? Look at the Klingon Empire. Peace with them and the Feds didn't last & now the entire game is based around that conflict.

I can just see the Romulans having no problems with firstly helping the KDF conquer new planets as their allies, but eventually turning on the KDF once they can stand on their own again. Which may very well never happen in this games lifetime.

The KDF is more warlike & I believe that suits Romulans better than joining the FEDs who ultimately rather talk things out before they do anything violent.

I can't deny the FEDs are a better choice from a gameplay point of view, however I still think the game as a whole will benefit more if players pick the KDF side. Which is another reason why I picked them.