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05-27-2013, 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by sethketa View Post
Star Trek Online is quickly becoming a game that sacrifices gameplay, and actual sense, in the name of profit. Is that something we should be supporting? Or should we try to convince Cryptic that they're making a mistake before they bleed out more and more casual players that simply cannot keep up with purchasing more and more ships, while having their old purchases become obsolete and worthless?

EDIT: Also ask yourself a very important question. How long has Star Trek Online been out? Has Cryptic ever done a balance pass? Have they ever altered the stats on a ship to bring it in line with other ships? Or have they simply released new ships that are superior to the older ships? Is this a healthy business model? Is this a business model you want to support?
indeed, and its a shame given the visuals this game has, especially since this latest expansion.
but its not like a 'balance pass'(wat?) is going to fix it.
i just got my mogai, completely nothing to do with what is on-screen kilometer across ship that turns so fast one wing goes in reverse...

doesnt effect me so much, since i done pvp in cheese, but its still anoying as hell seeing so many functions be so out of whack.

problem is though, if they did actually fix the game, as is fundamentally needed...
the forum would get a biblical flood of tears from all the crying about "nerfs" to people who had invested time and effort in the current interlaced mess of cheese to make builds that are cheese, because, thats just what you do to play this game.

was going to throw 30 or 40 bucks on my rom toon... then saw the stats & decided the money i spent on my first two is more than enough.
implement a game-wide scoreboard that rewards actions and relays performance to the player. rather than sitting back and fostering hostility and driving away players.