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05-27-2013, 05:18 AM
I sided my first rom with kdf, then deleted it as I found out no access to the VA ships. Now I recreated my romulan side as reman and will go fed side. I just like the looks and feels of space earthdock more then the first city.

The only reason for me to join the KDF were the VA carriers.

But no fred since the full pve experience was put to the KDF side I also made a new KDF character. The only weird thing is that they treat non klingon characters exactly the same as real Klingons. Wouldn't expect big differences in between the story, but at least the feel and touch of the conversations could have done better to play on the race you picked in the KDF side.

Telling an Orion that he/she is an honorable klingon warrior where I rather see them more like mercenaries that just do it for the money and not the glory like a klingon, and I'm sure they aren't the only race on the KDF side that don't share the same ideals of honorable warrior as the klingons.