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Originally Posted by bunansa View Post
And once again as a side note...why was the off duty and formal tabs removed for the romulans? we had it on test and i was able to make some decent looks with the merc stuff and robes...
Yeah, that one's kinda annoying - why DON'T the KDF and Romulans have 'Off-Duty' and 'Formal' options (Ignoring the Romuan 'Formal' outfit that's actually just a pre-Republic uniform option), only the Federation?

The current formal options, I can understand for KDF not having - a Klingon in a suit is a bit of a stretch... But Worf and Kahless both wear robes, which are 'Off-Duty' outfits, and the Mercenary 'Off-Duty' outfits can work with any race (Imagine a crew of Gorn, Letheans, Orions and Nausicaans without a Klingon on board, great for the Mercenary Off-Duty outfit for the Captain to wear).

But the Romulans could use it all - they have the 23rd Century (Listed as 22nd... why?) uniforms, but remember - the Female Commander from "Enterprise Incident" changed into a dress when she was trying to seduce Spock into joining the Star Empire and handing over the Enterprise. Plus, the Off-Duty outfits (Mercenary especially) fit in great with the other pre-Republic outfits that Romulans can choose during character creation. It's not that hard a stretch to imagine a Romulan Mercenary hired to help provide security for the Virinat colony while it's rebuilding and choosing to stay afterwards until the Elachi/Tal Shiar attack happened...