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# 1 Task bar shows up in game
05-27-2013, 09:14 AM
Hi all,

Slight graphical glitch that's come out of the blue; previously played the game on Windowed, Fully Maximum mode with the game occupying fullscreen. I logged in a couple of days ago and noticed my windows taskbar showing. Now, when I first boot up the game, this is normal, clicking anywhere on-screen from the splash screen onward makes the task bar disappear and STO becomes fullscreen.

Now, not so, the task bar is persistently there. Tweaking the settings to make the game Fullscreen, almost does the trick, but I can see the taskbar flickering and flashing through the game.
Annoyingly, when I click anywhere near the bottom of the screen, STO seems to think I'm trying to access the taskbar and minimizes the game. I haven't changed any of my settings in quite some time, so I can't think of anything I might have done to bring this on.

Any help would be appreciated!