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05-27-2013, 10:24 AM
Well as a side note...the offduty and formal options are under the HEAD option...not UNIFORM option....

lets just be honest bout this...there was nothing wrong with the original character tailor screens...but now there is...the simple fact you cant even zoom nearly as well as before...dumb dumb dumb

But to point out...the formal and off duty options screw up your character and stuff, its a pain its like no thats not what you looked like you looked like this issue....sometimes i can get it to load my old look back and than work from that point other times not...its like trying to do any pve queue...cross fingers hope for best I have stated several times...

wheres the damn skirts? It was designed and created so where is it? (FED ALLY PICTURE)

I always have troubles trying to upload pictures here so if someone else can id appreciate it...