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05-27-2013, 09:49 AM
Very good Post but still i am at a loss to explain why im not dealing much damage in my HEC while i know i dont have the best gear at the moment (Am working towards MACO MK XII) i have tried different load outs lately with different types of Torps ive tried single torps and dual torps (as i have noticed in Elite STF my best bet to cause damage is shred shields, (DHC & or DHC & DBB) then launch torps at the bare hull, it is my understanding thats how the mechanics of the game work, my problem is that none of my front Weapons shred the shields fast enough (with all different types of front weapons along with the associated optimized consoles) for me to launch my torps so i it takes me way too much time to destroy a sphere or a cube (Solo) and a quite often i get destroyed in the process here is my current build and this build seems to be the best ive come up with

Let me know your thoughts