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05-27-2013, 12:20 PM
Maybe the majority of people out there just don't like Klingons.

No combo of story, content, Cryptic meddling, ships, power, and consoles uniqueness is going to influence the number of Klingon players long term. The Klingon population is tied to the fact that people will play them if they like Klingons.

Just like, long term, people will only play Romulans if they like Romulans.

Eventually all starbases will hit T5 on both sides.

Eventually the shiny will wear off the LoR content.

Eventually people will settle where they like.

Klingons will always be a smaller faction than Feds because less people like Klingons than the Federation. The same is true for the Romulans. When I am at the home worlds for the KDF or Fed sides, I see more KDF/Fed faction ships than Romulan allies parked there. Even in the height of the people playing the Rommie content.

The KDF will never die because there are dedicated fans of that faction. But don't kid yourselves anymore that Klinks were ever going to be as large and the Federation. You KDF players should be thankful you have had any content since launch. Us Romulans had to wait years. Cardasian fans even longer, if never.

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